Sunday, December 13, 2009

Growing Up

Noah, Daddy, and Granpa Jeff at the Fricke Thanksgiving.
When we went to see Santa this past weekend, Noah was not to happy. But in his defense, it was his nap time :)

Wow!!! It's been a while. Sorry all, but we have been busy. Noah is growing so fast. But he is such a happy boy. A few months ago we all got the flu, but Noah was over it a lot faster than mommy or daddy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

6 months

Grandpa Jeff and Noah enjoyed watching Ethan at the AppleJack Festival.

Noah continues to grow well. We just can't believe it has been 6 months already.

He has been a roly-poly little guy for over a month now. If there is something or somewhere we wants to get to, he'll roll. A little over a week ago his first tooth came in, followed a couple days later by his second. So Noah's toothless grin is gone. But replaced by a cute bottom toothed grin :)

We took a trip down to Nebraska City to watch Uncle Ethan march in the Apple Jack parade. While we were down there Noah got to meet "Aunt Winna" and Great-Grandma Fricke's new baby puppy. He wasn't quite sure what it was those. It looked a lot different than all the other 'puppies' Noah gets to play with on a daily basis. She was a lot smaller and didn't move near as much.

Noah loved to watch all the bands, floats, and festivities at the Apple Jack.

We certainly hope everyone is well. Dustin and Jessi are loving parenthood and Noah continues to be a healthy, happy little boy. Until the next time- from our family to yours. God Bless.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summertime is Here

It's hard to believe that it is actually summer with some of the temperatures we've been having. We've really been enjoying it though. It's amazing how much Noah LOVES to be outside.

He continues to grow and is turning into such a little man. Mom and dad don't know where the time has gone.
Tomorrow our little guy will be 5 months old.Noah has started cereal, and is doing a pretty good job of 'eating' it. Until he decides that its more fun to 'razz' and then spit food all over.We hope everyone is having a good summer, soon the leaves with change color and begin to fall.

Mom and dad are looking forward to all the new things Noah will start to do and discover, but are going to miss him being a little boy.Until we see you, hope you all are well!!Love Dustin, Jessi, and Noah

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Independence Day

Noah will be 4 months old the end of next week. Hard to believe that its true. This summer has been so busy, but Noah is a little trooper. He has matured so much the past month and is able to keep him self more entertained and not have to be held constantly. But he is stil held plenty. This pictures are from 4th of July weekend at Uncle Darwin's and Aunt Susan's. Plus some from Grandma and Grandpa Frickes.
Noah is his walker at Grandma and Grandpa Scotts.

Great Uncle Darwin and Noah.

We'll post again soon. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Take Care!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Well, it's summer time. 100 degrees outside and 95% humidity. Got to love Nebraska. This past Sunday was Father's Day, Dustin's 1st official Father's Day, if you don't count the dogs and the cat. It was a warm one too. We spend the afternoon up at Great-Grandpa and Grandma Buss's and enjoyed some chicken, beans and potato salad.

Dustin has been working all weekend on putting hard wood flooring down in the living room, Plus it was such a hot day we decided to take the afternoon off and go over to cousin Amanda and Rodney's and relax in the pool. Noah enjoyed the water soooo much. It was like one big bath tub to him. He got to sit in his floaty, kick his legs, and splash with his arms. He did eventually get tired and fell asleep on Rodney while they were relaxing in the lounge chair.

While we were up at Grandma and Grandpa Buss's Alex decided it was warm enough to take his shirt off. Noah didn't want him to be the only one, so he took his shirt off too. Noah seems to really enjoy being naked. If he is cranky just start undressing him and he laughs and smiles. Alex got to sit in the chair and hold Noah too. But he got too wiggly and so Amanda held Noah for a while.

Noah continues to grow, seems like everyday. It's hard to believe that is a couple days he will be three months already. Cousin Tara is back from Tennesse for the 4th so we should have some really good 3 month pictures to post next time. Until then we hope you all are well. Stay cool and Have a Great Summer!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ethan's Confirmation

Uncle Ethan got Confirmed this past Sunday. These are just a few pictures of the day.
Noah continues to grow and change almost daily it seems like. He REALLY loves to be outside and watch the trees, feel the breeze, and listen to all the different noises, especially when the 'choo-choo' goes by.
He's starting to hold things in his hands for a minute or two and bring them to his mouth. I'm sure he will be wanting to put everything in his mouth before we know it. Everyone always says it 'but they really do grow up to fast.'

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Oh what a weekend. Mommy, Daddy, and Noah were on the go. Saturday afternoon we went out to Lubben's pond with the other two 'kids' (dogs) Betsy and Gizmo. While mom and dad hung out with Adam and Carrie, the dogs had a great time with Adam and Carrie's two dogs Lexi and Junior. Needless to stay everyone got a bath when we got home that night.
On Sunday night we all went up to Grandma and Grandpa Scotts. Aunt Susan, Uncle Darwin, and Cody, Dillon, and Evan came over to spend time at the fire pit. We got to grill hot dogs, brats, and roast marshmallows. All the excitement tuckered Noah out. He really likes to be outside and can easily sleep through the noise.
On Monday, Memorial Day, Noah was 2 months old. We were back out at Lubben's that afternoon to spend some time with the Fricke Family. Great Grandma Fricke is 70 today!!
Noah is growing into such a good boy. It's hard to believe, the time has gone so fast. About a week ago Noah started to sleep through the night, 8 hours at a shot. The first few nights mom and dad had to get up every few hours to check on him though.
He is growing well. Noah is up to about 14 lbs and 23 inches long. He got his 2 month shots, which were probably worse for mom than for Noah. Two weeks ago Jessi went back to work 3 days a week and Noah started at daycare. It was harder than we all thought it would be. This week Jessi started full time. Mom, dad, and Noah seem to have gotten a system figured out, so we'll see how long that last.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This Sunday, May 3rd Noah Steven Fricke was Baptism at the American Lutheran Church in Adams.
Thanks to all the family who came to Church to be a part of Noah's special day. Thanks to Grandpa Steve and Grandma Rhonda for Noah's Baptism outfit, he looked cute in his sailor suit!And an extra huge thank you to Uncle Casey and Aunt Emily for being Noah's Sponsors.
It means a lot to have so many family members who love Noah as much as his mommy and daddy do!

After church the family went out for lunch together, though it took quite a bit to actually get in somewhere (it's a long story). The family was able to enjoy a nice meal at Texas Roadhouse!

Just another update. Noah is now over 12 lbs. Though mom and dad thought that he was maybe gaining too much, according to the Nurse he is following the height/weight growth chart nicely. She said he is supposed to keep gaining like he is for a while, cause we don't want him to level off too early.

One Month Old

On Saturday, March 25th our little guy turn 1 month old!!! It's hard to believe, but its true. Noah had a busy day. That morning he went to Uncle Ethan's track meet in Tecumseh. But it was a little chilly so we didn't stay too long. That afternoon Noah got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Scott, and aunts Lucy and Katy. Then that night we went to Burr to help celebrate Uncle Casey's Birthday!
We have discovered that the more noise the better when Noah is trying to sleep. He's slept through a restaurant full of noisy teenagers, fell asleep with 10-12 screaming preschoolers when we visited Grandma Scott at work, and usually sleeps through church because of all the music!!
A Big Thanks to Dave and Emily for suggesting playing a radio at night. We've doing that for a week now and Noah is sleeping a lot better at night.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Growing and Growing

Noah is now almost 3 weeks old and is certainly a growing boy. He has put on almost a pound already!!! So don't worry we aren't starving him.

Noah went with mommy and grandma Rhonda to Jessi's doctor appointment last Tuesday. Everything is going good. Jessi can start to increase some of her activities but still can't vacuum and has to take it easy on the laundry for at least 3 more weeks. But that's okay since Dustin has been doing a great job helping out in that department.

He has started to have a lot more awake times during the day and loves to sit up and look around

Noah went for his first stoller ride today (Saturday). It was a little breezier than mom and dad thought, but he was well bundled up and fell asleep shortly after we started walking and didn't wake up until about 30 minutes after we got home!!

Everytime Dad holds Noah it usually ends up like this!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

First Week Home

Noah was One Week old as of Wednesday. And as of Saturday afternoon he will have spent his first week at home. So far mom and dad can't complain too much. He does fairly well at nights and sleeps almost 3-4 hours when he goes to bed. Mom and dad are starting to adjust to Noah's schedule.

Daddy went back to work this week. Good thing he works with Grandpa or he might have gotten in trouble for being late. It was hard to leave Noah in the mornings, also it was hard to get up after some late nights.

Brother and Sister, Gizmo and Betsy seem to be adapting to having a little one at home, though they still aren't sure what he is. They also thinks he is dirty all the time and that they need to clean him, but of course mom and dad don't think that is such a good idea. The cat Lily seems to be curious, but makes herself scarce when Noah starts to cry.

At our last appointment Noah's weight was up to 9 lbs 14 oz- so he is not starving by any means. He certainly knows how to let everyone nearby know when he is hungry. He doesn't really enjoy getting baths, or getting naked for that matter. Mom and dad have only had one minor "Geyser" incident (that's what dad calls it).

A huge Thank You to everyone who visited us in the hospital and at home, for all the calls, letter, cards, and well wishes we have received. It is great that Noah has come into a world surround by people who love him and care for him as much as his mommy and daddy do. Thanks Again!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

So Tuesday March 24th we had our doctor's appointment at 4:00. For the past month or so Jessi's blood pressure had be slowly rising. Since they were not getting any better Dr. Placek asked our feelings on possibly inducing labor. Since the last ultrasound showed everything being okay,we said we were fine with that. Dr. Placek left the room to call the hospital. We thought maybe we would be going in on Friday or Next Monday. Little did we know Dr. Placek came back and said we could head over to the hospital right away.
Needless to say we were both speechless and shocked. We were able to go home get our bags together and then we headed back up to the hospital.

At about 7 pm Tuesday night Jessi began the medicine to induce labor. Wednesday morning at 7 am Dr Placek came in to break her water and then the contractions started (picture 1).
As much as she wanted Jessi didn't think she could do to it without medicine so at 11:30 she got an epideral.

Through out the day Jessi became more dialated and effaced, but the little one's head just wasn't moving down.
So after a long day of waiting and anticipating we moved into the C-section operating room at about 6:15.

At 6:48 on March 25, 2009 our very own little Noah Steven Fricke arrived into this world at 9 lbs, 10 oz and 22 inches long.

He is our Sweet Little Angel.
Truely a Blessing From Above

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Update

Not too much new news to report. The appointment last Thursday went well. The baby still has a nice strong heartbeat, but really doesn't like to lay still so the nurse can listen. She had to 'scold' him a little, then he kicked her. What can we say, he is he's mother child!!!
The doctor said we are ready to go at anytime. So if you are a praying person, you can help us pray for sometime this weekend or early next week. Mom and Dad are READY!!!
Dad keeps talking to the little one, telling him its time to come out, but he doesn't seem to listen to his father. Wonder where he gets that!! :)
We've been going on walks about everyday and moms been doing some exercise to try and help move things along. Only time will tell.

Next appointment is on Tuesday. Hopefully we will know more by then, or baby will already be here!! Til then, take care everyone and we'll keep you all updated on the latest.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting Closer

Thursday, March 12th we had our last appointment. The ultrasound picture shows the baby's head. You can see the face better from farther away, but it shows two eyes, the nose, and the mouth open in a yawn, plus the chubby cheeks. The baby did not want to cooperate and lay still for a good picture, so this is the only one we got.

We were able to see all the organs and that they were all functioning properly. The little stomach was even moving in and out in 'practice breaths.' So we know that the little one knows he is to breathe when he comes out.

We are beginning to dialate and efface, so we are progressing well. Our next appointment is Thursday, March 19th.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here are some pictures from the Baby Shower last week. I thought it was a GREAT turn out. We can't thank everyone enough for all the gifts we received. We are still in the process of getting everything organized and put away.

Going through all the gifts again, we are getting even more excited for the new one to get here. Then we can actually use all the stuff.

The hospital bag is packed and the car seat is in the car, not the truck. Dad has to clean out and organize his tools before that will happen.

We go to the doctor again this Thursday for another ultrasound to see the size and position of the baby. So we will try to give you another blog Thursday or Friday to see if the little one is going to be as big as everyone claims it will.