Sunday, May 3, 2009


This Sunday, May 3rd Noah Steven Fricke was Baptism at the American Lutheran Church in Adams.
Thanks to all the family who came to Church to be a part of Noah's special day. Thanks to Grandpa Steve and Grandma Rhonda for Noah's Baptism outfit, he looked cute in his sailor suit!And an extra huge thank you to Uncle Casey and Aunt Emily for being Noah's Sponsors.
It means a lot to have so many family members who love Noah as much as his mommy and daddy do!

After church the family went out for lunch together, though it took quite a bit to actually get in somewhere (it's a long story). The family was able to enjoy a nice meal at Texas Roadhouse!

Just another update. Noah is now over 12 lbs. Though mom and dad thought that he was maybe gaining too much, according to the Nurse he is following the height/weight growth chart nicely. She said he is supposed to keep gaining like he is for a while, cause we don't want him to level off too early.

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