Saturday, April 11, 2009

Growing and Growing

Noah is now almost 3 weeks old and is certainly a growing boy. He has put on almost a pound already!!! So don't worry we aren't starving him.

Noah went with mommy and grandma Rhonda to Jessi's doctor appointment last Tuesday. Everything is going good. Jessi can start to increase some of her activities but still can't vacuum and has to take it easy on the laundry for at least 3 more weeks. But that's okay since Dustin has been doing a great job helping out in that department.

He has started to have a lot more awake times during the day and loves to sit up and look around

Noah went for his first stoller ride today (Saturday). It was a little breezier than mom and dad thought, but he was well bundled up and fell asleep shortly after we started walking and didn't wake up until about 30 minutes after we got home!!

Everytime Dad holds Noah it usually ends up like this!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

First Week Home

Noah was One Week old as of Wednesday. And as of Saturday afternoon he will have spent his first week at home. So far mom and dad can't complain too much. He does fairly well at nights and sleeps almost 3-4 hours when he goes to bed. Mom and dad are starting to adjust to Noah's schedule.

Daddy went back to work this week. Good thing he works with Grandpa or he might have gotten in trouble for being late. It was hard to leave Noah in the mornings, also it was hard to get up after some late nights.

Brother and Sister, Gizmo and Betsy seem to be adapting to having a little one at home, though they still aren't sure what he is. They also thinks he is dirty all the time and that they need to clean him, but of course mom and dad don't think that is such a good idea. The cat Lily seems to be curious, but makes herself scarce when Noah starts to cry.

At our last appointment Noah's weight was up to 9 lbs 14 oz- so he is not starving by any means. He certainly knows how to let everyone nearby know when he is hungry. He doesn't really enjoy getting baths, or getting naked for that matter. Mom and dad have only had one minor "Geyser" incident (that's what dad calls it).

A huge Thank You to everyone who visited us in the hospital and at home, for all the calls, letter, cards, and well wishes we have received. It is great that Noah has come into a world surround by people who love him and care for him as much as his mommy and daddy do. Thanks Again!!