Saturday, April 11, 2009

Growing and Growing

Noah is now almost 3 weeks old and is certainly a growing boy. He has put on almost a pound already!!! So don't worry we aren't starving him.

Noah went with mommy and grandma Rhonda to Jessi's doctor appointment last Tuesday. Everything is going good. Jessi can start to increase some of her activities but still can't vacuum and has to take it easy on the laundry for at least 3 more weeks. But that's okay since Dustin has been doing a great job helping out in that department.

He has started to have a lot more awake times during the day and loves to sit up and look around

Noah went for his first stoller ride today (Saturday). It was a little breezier than mom and dad thought, but he was well bundled up and fell asleep shortly after we started walking and didn't wake up until about 30 minutes after we got home!!

Everytime Dad holds Noah it usually ends up like this!!


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