Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 weeks to go

Okay, so it's been more than a week. Sorry DAD!!
But things have been pretty busy around our house. The baby's room is organized and pretty much ready for baby. The bag is ready to be packed, but we can't seem to pack it yet!!

The pictures above are from the Baby Shower the girls at work threw me. The cake was super cute. I do like Precious Moments babies. Plus I got a piece with extra frosting so that made things even better!

Last weeks doctor's appointment went well. Dr said the baby has a nice strong heart beat, but baby sure doesn't like to be poked when they are trying to determine the position.
This past weekend the family went out for Dustin's 24th Birthday. Jessi has discovered that bowling in NOT for a pregnant lady and you can't bowl the same way or as well if you are pregnant as you do when you're not. Even though it was lots of fun, we will probably wait until after the baby to go bowling again.
This coming Sunday, March 1st is the family Baby Shower- so there will definitely be more pictures and a blog next week!!!
Next Doctor's Appointment is March 3rd

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Childbirth Education

This is our certification of completion for the "Prepared Childbirth Education Classes." Can you really be prepared for childbirth??
We learned a lot and gain much information about the whole process, and got to watch some interesting videos.


These are the ultrasound pictures from about 20 weeks, November 18, 2008. There is a picture of the baby's spine, head, and the little hand.

7 weeks and counting

With less than 2 months left we have decided to create this web page so that everyone can check on progress and developments whenever they want. Neither of us are very good at using phones, so you can check here at least weekly for updates.

We've started to visit the doctor every two weeks. Next appointment is February 17th--so more info after that appointment.

F.Y.I- We do know what 'sex' we are having, though not all of the family knows. We have also 'pretty much' decided on a name, but the rest of you will have to wait and see. The baby's room is just about complete.

Upcoming Events: February 17th- Next OB appointment
: February 21st- Dustin turns 24!!!