Sunday, March 29, 2009

So Tuesday March 24th we had our doctor's appointment at 4:00. For the past month or so Jessi's blood pressure had be slowly rising. Since they were not getting any better Dr. Placek asked our feelings on possibly inducing labor. Since the last ultrasound showed everything being okay,we said we were fine with that. Dr. Placek left the room to call the hospital. We thought maybe we would be going in on Friday or Next Monday. Little did we know Dr. Placek came back and said we could head over to the hospital right away.
Needless to say we were both speechless and shocked. We were able to go home get our bags together and then we headed back up to the hospital.

At about 7 pm Tuesday night Jessi began the medicine to induce labor. Wednesday morning at 7 am Dr Placek came in to break her water and then the contractions started (picture 1).
As much as she wanted Jessi didn't think she could do to it without medicine so at 11:30 she got an epideral.

Through out the day Jessi became more dialated and effaced, but the little one's head just wasn't moving down.
So after a long day of waiting and anticipating we moved into the C-section operating room at about 6:15.

At 6:48 on March 25, 2009 our very own little Noah Steven Fricke arrived into this world at 9 lbs, 10 oz and 22 inches long.

He is our Sweet Little Angel.
Truely a Blessing From Above

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