Monday, September 28, 2009

6 months

Grandpa Jeff and Noah enjoyed watching Ethan at the AppleJack Festival.

Noah continues to grow well. We just can't believe it has been 6 months already.

He has been a roly-poly little guy for over a month now. If there is something or somewhere we wants to get to, he'll roll. A little over a week ago his first tooth came in, followed a couple days later by his second. So Noah's toothless grin is gone. But replaced by a cute bottom toothed grin :)

We took a trip down to Nebraska City to watch Uncle Ethan march in the Apple Jack parade. While we were down there Noah got to meet "Aunt Winna" and Great-Grandma Fricke's new baby puppy. He wasn't quite sure what it was those. It looked a lot different than all the other 'puppies' Noah gets to play with on a daily basis. She was a lot smaller and didn't move near as much.

Noah loved to watch all the bands, floats, and festivities at the Apple Jack.

We certainly hope everyone is well. Dustin and Jessi are loving parenthood and Noah continues to be a healthy, happy little boy. Until the next time- from our family to yours. God Bless.

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