Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Consult with the Plastic Surgeon

Well yesterday afternoon Carter and Mommy braved the snow/rain/slush to make a trip to the Plastic Surgeon. :) After examining Carter's eye, asking questions, and the nurses oogling over how cute Carter was. The surgeon decided that its mostly likely a cyst. Some good news is that since the cyst is on the side of the eye, it (the cyst) should not grow back into Carter's cranial cavity. Sadly some times kids get cyst in between their eyes and there is a suture line there, so for those cyst they must do surgery asap, to make sure the cyst doesn't grow back into the brain. ONE PRAYER ANSWERED!!
The doctor usually doesn't like to do surgery until after 6 months old. Since Carter's protrusion is not affecting his vision yet and not seeming to cause him any discomfort, the nurse took pictures of the cyst from multiple angles and we will go back in another month. If the growth continues to grow we will discuss surgery at that time. Of course, in the mean time, should anything change drastically, we would go back in sooner. They did say RARELY the growths can get smaller and go away on their own, but we aren't counting on that.

Laying on his blanket in the waiting room.

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